The Body Keeps the Score – How To Heal Trauma

Our latest MindHealth360 event in collaboration with the How To Academy: The Body Keeps the Score: how trauma is rooted in our physiology, and what we can do about it features psychiatrist Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s pre-eminent trauma experts, in conversation with psychotherapist Benjamin Fry.

Through this fascinating discussion, we learn how traumatic stress, especially from childhood, can impact our brain, body, behaviour, relationships and mental health, long after the traumatic stress is over.

In this event:

  • learn how trauma is rooted in our physiology
  • understand how traumatic stress can impact our personality, behaviour, relationships and mental health
  • find out about the latest developments in the nascent field of trauma research (which is surprisingly only 40 years old!)
  • hear about some of the latest and best treatments for trauma
  • learn about the different parts of the brain (limbic, reptilian, brain stem, prefrontal cortex) and their relationship to traumatic stress
  • find out about mirror neurons and why they are essential to our sense of threat and safety
  • understand the difference between a healthy response to traumatic stress and a maladaptive one (hint: it’s all about timing)