What is MindHealth360?

Welcome to MindHealth360, your free guide to head-to-toe mental health.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way mental health is approached in the mainstream by providing a free, comprehensive, online source of information on mental health from an integrative/functional medicine perspective.

Our aim is to empower patients, their friends, families and health practitioners, with the awareness, knowledge and resources to heal.

We believe that integrative and functional medicine provides the most sustainable solutions to common mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory and attention, etc.

This is because we know that for long term healing to take place, all the factors which impact our mental health must be taken into account, and are inseparable: lifestyle factors, psycho-spiritual factors, and biochemical factors all overlap and impact each other to contribute to our particular mental health issues.

How is MindHealth360 different?

Symptoms, contributors, solutions

360 degree perspective

  • We follow integrative/functional medicine practice and look at mental health from a 360° perspective, examining the root causes (which we call contributors) of mental health issues
  • In possible contributors to your mental health symptoms we examine all the factors which might be contributing to your mental health issues — lifestyle (such as poor sleep, lack of appropriate exercise, difficult social, economic and environmental circumstances, etc.), psycho-spiritual (such as psychological trauma, stress, negative thoughts and beliefs, etc.), and biochemical (such as hormonal and nutritional imbalances, gut issues, toxicity, etc.), based on solid scientific research
  • In possible solutions to your mental health contributors we suggest a solution for every contributor, and provide information on the vast range of tools and resources available to improve your mental health based on what might be contributing to your symptoms

Many voices

  • We are not tied to one particular doctor or health practitioner, but gather in one place information, articles and interviews from the top integrative specialists, health practitioners and thought leaders from the US, the UK and further afield
  • This is important in an area which can be crowded with egos, controversy and opinions, and we try to choose the most reliable sources from different perspectives as there is not always one answer, and different approaches might work for different people


  • We are a non-profit, so not only are we free to use, but we don’t try to sell you anything
  • Eventually, if we do incorporate any revenue-generating activities, it will be to sustain the site, rather than to make a profit

Signposting to the best resources

  • We offer a dynamic and comprehensive treasure trove of resources to help you on your healing journey
    • Mental health organisations
    • Books on integrative mental health
    • Mental health web and phone apps
    • Mental health events and conferences
  • A  global database of integrative health practitioners in the US, the UK and further afield so you can find practitioners to work with in your area of remotely
  • A global database of Integrative mental health clinics and wellness centres around the world
  • As much as possible, we try to exert some quality control and use resources which we know and trust (based on word of mouth, training completed, public reviews, website analysis, etc.), however as this resource grows, it will be harder to maintain this level of quality control
  • Furthermore, each person is different and will have a unique experience, so use your judgement, and do let us know of your experiences as this will help improve the quality of our resources

Exclusive content

  • Much of our content is developed exclusively for our site (articles, interviews, information in the symptoms/contributors/solutions sections, hear from the experts, etc.)
  • Some of our content is curated from the public domain, which we then organise for you following our organising principle of symptoms, contributors and solutions

Accessible to all

  • We aim to be accessible to everyone, regardless of education or socio-economic status, by presenting information in a clear and compelling way, and making sure to feature many free resources and suggestions