How to navigate the impact of devices and social media on mental health

In May 2019, MindHealth360 hosted a live event in collaboration with the How To Academy: How to navigate the impact of devices and social media on mental health.

In this highly engaging conference, media-psychologist Dr. Don Grant and addiction specialist Mandy Saligari talk about device management and the mental health issues that face us in the digital age, including rising rates of anxiety, depression, detachment, addiction and suicide. They also reveal how to set realistic tech boundaries for our children without going as far as technological abstinence.

In these talks find out about:

  • How to practice good digital citizenship
  • Healthy device management and device strategies for parents
  • How and when to introduce our kids to tech and how to manage tech boundaries
  • Digital disorganised attachment and absent parenting as consequences of our digital world
  • The core characteristics of addiction, addiction’s red-herrings and identifying patterns of addictive behaviour
  • How to teach our children functional technology use as a prevention to other addictions, including alcohol and drug abuse
  • Ways to deal with angry tech-addicted teenagers
  • The value of digital connection and online relationships when boundaried