The neocortex is a sheet of tissue that forms the outermost layer of the brain and the largest part of the cerebral cortex. It is sometimes called the “primate brain” as it is the area of the brain that has developed considerably in non-human primates and humans compared to other mammals. From an evolutionary perspective it is therefore the most recent addition to our brains. The neocortex is linked to sensory perception, motor commands, spatial reasoning and language; and is also thought to store general knowledge transferred from the hippocampus. The neocortex functions to socialise and control expression of emotions that originate in the limbic systemQueensland Brain Institute. (n.d.). Where are memories stored in the brain? [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Nov. 2018].Baars, B. and Gage, N. (2010). Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness. 2nd ed. Academic Press.