How To Optimize Mitochondria For Better Mental Health | Mitochondria In Mental Health

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November 30th, 2020
Ray Griffiths

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In this fascinating interview with Ray Griffiths, lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK, learn how tiny organelles in every cell, called mitochondria, are vital to rebuilding and powering our brains and emotions, but can also backfire when they get damaged, contributing to suicidal depression, anxiety, loss of memory, concentration and neurodegeneration. And discover concrete strategies to keep them working FOR your mental health rather than against it.

  • Find out how mitochondria power our brains and moods, and are essential to neuro-plasticity and healthy brain growth, especially of the hippocampus
  • Learn that damaged mitochondria can cause inflammation and neurodegeneration, leading to mental health issues such as depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, Parkinson’s, etc. 
  • Find out what biochemical, lifestyle and psychological and social factors can damage mitochondria and what supports them
  • Learn about hormesis (mild stress), the surprising things that cause it, and how it can regenerate our mitochondria
  • Explore the relationship between the vagus nerve, the gut, the brain and the mitochondria, and why it’s crucial to mental health
  • Learn about the link between hormones such as insulin, oxytocin and cortisol and mitochondrial function

About Ray Griffiths

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Ray Griffiths MSc is a Registered Nutritionist and Lecturer and has been researching and practising nutritional therapy for over 20 years. Ray’s MSc dissertation was on the role that mitochondria play in Parkinson’s disease. His lectures and webinars have covered diverse subjects such as: cancer and nutrition, depression, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular health, neurodegeneration, MS and ageing. He is the author of three books “Depression: The Mind-Body Diet and Lifestyle Connection”, “Mitochondria in Health and Disease” and “Parkinson’s Disease: An In-Depth Metabolic Guide”. Ray is a lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK.

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