How mould, Lyme and other toxins and infections may be causing your mental health symptoms, and what you can do about it

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May 28th, 2020
Dr. Neil Nathan

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Did you know that toxins, such as mould, heavy metals, etc… and infectious diseases such as Lyme, bartonella, etc… may contribute to depression, anxiety, poor memory, mood swings, poor attention, tremors, etc?

In this interview, Dr. Neil Nathan, author of “Toxic” (among others) draws on his 40 years of clinical practice to tell us how he systematically gets to the root cause of his patients’ mental health issues.

He shows us that many mental health symptoms result from inflammation-causing mould and other toxins, and lyme and other infections, which can then cause or exacerbate imbalances in the hormonal, nervous, gastro-intestinal, detoxification and methylation systems. He also tells us how to address these root causes, and how to rebalance all the systems, in order to heal.

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Neil Nathan, MD

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