Neuroendocrine system

The neuroendocrine system facilitates communication between the central nervous system and the endocrine system. It is composed of neurons, glands and tissue throughout the body that produce chemicals, hormones and signals which are crucial in maintaining homeostasis. The neuroendocrine system can recognise, process and interpret fluctuations in the internal and external environment and direct changes in the nervous system and endocrine system accordingly.Fink, G., Pfaff, D.W. and Levine, J.E. eds. (2012). Handbook of neuroendocrinology. Academic Press. Gore, A. (2013). Neuroendocrine Systems. In: L. Squire, D. Berg, F. Bloom, S. du Lac, A. Ghosh and N. Spitzer, ed., Fundamental Neuroscience, 4th ed. Academic Press.